Olympus Art was established 30 years ago as a single line, retail jewellery store by the founder Mr. Ali Uluğ.

In time, this little retail jewellery shop started to create its own designs to be separated from other retail shops. With this way; Olympus Art drew attention and created its own ‘UNIQUE ART’ section.

From imagining to drowing, drowing to producing, in every phase of creation; each and every piece of Unique Art jewellery was made of ‘hours effort and sweat’.

And those Unique Art pieces finally got the attention well deserved and started to spread out of Olympus Art’s select costumer group by little glowing whispers.

Those complimentary, golden whispers which was created by Olympus Art costumers generated bigger supply and demand.

In order to meet the supply, the little Olympus Art shop in Grand Bazaar Istanbul was enlarged. The design team expanded with creative, ambitious and unique art-talents.

Joined new talents were creating their own individual brands and trade marks while producing the Unique Art section of Olympus Art.

After being quite successful with Unique Art designs in USA, Russia and Germany, Olympus Art opened its second shop in Istanbul Nişantaşı.

With the new ‘’Watches’’ section, Olympus Art is getting bigger with its costumers day by day.