The Art of Pearls

Pearl Art & Science

Quality, design and craftsmanship converge at OlympusArt to create pearl jewels of extraordinary style. They express both the best of contemporary fashion trends and a timeless, eternal elegance – a perfect balance of tradition and innovation. As you wear and enjoy your OlympusArt pearl jewelry, it will grow in classic appeal, adding to its precious value. Every year, we introduce versatile, new designs – creating excitement via colored stones, new types of clasps, multi-layered strands, multi-colored strands and lariat styles.The jewel springs from the designer’s imagination, and is magically transformed by intricate craftsmanship that brings the idea to life. Absolute attention to every detail results in jewelry admired and treasured around the world.

The Birth of a Pearls

Creating pearls is a fascinating process that requires much time and dedication. The oyster bed is a natural habitat that must be painstakingly nurtured before a pearl can even be conceived. The cultivation process begins with a core. In natural pearls, this is simply a fragment of shell, fishbone or sand that floats into the shell of pearl oyster.